Friday, September 3, 2010

Lary Bloom wins Lifetime Achievement Award from Connecticut Center for the Book

Lary Bloom, the longtime editor, writer and teacher, has been designated this year's winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Connecticut Center for the Book. Lary, of course, taught our memoir class this past spring along with Suzanne Levine, and suggested the idea of Writing at the Mark Twain House.

At the same ceremony, Susan Campbell, teacher of our fall Creative Non-Fiction Class, won the Connecticut Book Award for her memoir of fundamentalism and feminism, Dating Jesus.

Congratulations to Lary and Susan!

...and to Suzanne Levine, whose book of poetry Haberdasher's Daughter recently came out (read about it here).

...and to Bessy Reyna, whose Memoirs of the Unfaithful Lover has been out for a while now! Read about it here. To bring things full circle, Bessy, who has long provided a strong and principled voice, along with a powerful lyric style, to her poetry, was last year's Lifetime Achievement winner. -- Steve Courtney